Skrapz Unleashes His Latest Single ‘Normal’ Amidst Fanfare

After a period of relative silence in 2022, North West London rapper, Skrapz, has hit the music scene with a fresh single, Normal. The single is produced by Quincy, a renowned music producer

That’s the common chant emanating from his enthusiastic fan base every time Skrapz drops any new material or even updates his social media handles. This has resulted in an air of anticipation around his latest single, Normal.

Despite the speculation and anticipation surrounding his work, Skrapz seems unfazed. He confidently addresses this in one of the lines of his new song, expressing his calm and collected demeanor.

“I’m meditating in the morning, I don’t wake and bake,” he says. “I put some fruits into the blender, then I make a shake.”

The music video for Normal is directed by none other than Neron Power, who places Skrapz in the middle of a media frenzy. The world’s press, comprising some familiar faces, is seen seeking answers from the rapper.

From the media scrum, the video transitions to an exclusive party, which Skrapz leaves shortly, hinting at his next venture—a venture we are not privy to.

The release of Normal has stirred the curiosity of the music world. What does this mean for Skrapz’s future? While it remains to be seen, it wouldn’t be surprising if we get to hear more from Skrapz sooner rather than later.

The new track is a testament to Skrapz’s unyielding talent and ability to stay relevant in the ever-changing music landscape. As fans worldwide chant “Skrapz is back”, there is no denying the rapper’s impact and influence in the music scene.

With Normal, Skrapz has once again proved why he is a force to reckon with in the music industry. Regardless of the pressure and speculation, the rapper remains calm and focused, delivering quality music for his fans. As we anticipate more music from Skrapz, one thing is certain – the rapper is back and is here to stay.


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