Dirti Diana creates a new lane in rap with Bar Code

The Birth of Dirti Diana

Major recording artist/entrepreneur Dirti Diana walks in the shadows of iconic hip-hop pioneers. The New York native music has defeated odds and has delivered timeless music. As a brand and music, She continues to have a strong presence on social media sites and mainstream radio.

Being featured in VIBE Magazine and many other popular media outlets, the hip-hop community knows how valuable her influence is. She is also 100% independent of any record companies and her music streams topped over 3,000,000 downloads in 2021.

The Dominance of Dirti Diana

The dominance of Dirti Diana is part of a career that entails managing multiple businesses and partnering with corporations. Being in a position to generate multiple streams of income symbolizes her ability to make her own way as an individual. The latest installment of her music catalog, “Barcode,” incorporates classic rap lyrical content and New York storytelling in a timeless manner. It is believed that Dirti Diana’s voice echoes the epic hip-hop voice of New York City.

Pursuing the dream

Rapping is a very competitive field. Without a map, artists travel a long and unmarked road.

A dream is a beautiful vision for a person; however, following it requires an individual to follow their instincts and have a relentless mentality as well as be comfortable following their gut instincts in challenging situations.

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