The Thrill of the Chase & Fairytale Weddings | I AM WOMAN with Michi Marshall and More

Michi and Sharelle are joined by Kijafa Vick and Terricka Cromartie this week’s episode on I Am Woman.

Terricka opens the show talking about how Texas was recently hit with ice and snow causing massive power outages and difficulties for so many people. Cromartie said her and her husband Antonio opened up their homes to neighbors and friends huddled together trying to keep warm and safe. Michi acknowledged that this was barley covered in the news and seemed strange that the call for help and aid wasn’t more widespread.

Kijafa and Sharelle help shift the conversation on how they met their significant others. Kijafa tells the story of Mike chasing her for months before she accepted his date invite, similar to Terricka dishing about the lengths Antonio went to keep her in his life and the pop up wedding.

Michi describes her fairytale wedding to Brandon and Kijafa says it was hard walking the line to share her magical day with the world and yet keeping it private from the naysayers. From fairytale weddings to marriage counseling, the ladies discuss all the ups and downs of being married to professional athletes. Sharelle, who was previously married, says the key is to find the balance in relationships and importance of open communication from the start.

The ladies are thrown off by fans only question posed by Chef Lowe and they laugh trying to figure out how what type of page they can start! I Am Woman is a limited series streaming Fridays on I Am Athlete platform.


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