Date Night: Couples Edition | I AM WOMAN with Michi Marshall and More

No excuses, it’s date night as the guys join the ladies in a special edition of I Am Woman and the couples are talking everything from sex to finances to relationship issues!

Brandon Marshall joins wife Michi, Channing Crowder with wife Aja, Antonio with Terricka Cromartie and Chad Johnson with soon to be wife Sharelle Rosado let loose and nothing is off limits! The guys have a chemistry that stems from their NFL playing days while the wives are there to remind them that it wasn’t always easy to deal with the lifestyle that came along with their careers. 

Channing calls out the women for ragging on them in their previous I Am Woman shows and Chad says they are there to defend themselves if necessary. The show is fiery from the start talking about sex hot spots and triggers in the relationships over the years. 

As the guys boast about the lifestyle their jobs provided the ladies, Terricka reminds them that long after the game is over the women will be the ones still loving them so it should have been more about them than the game.  Aja explains how they desire intimacy and connection and Michi agrees saying it’s nice to have trips with friends and girl time but at end of the day, she isn’t married to her friends, she wants to feel close to her husband. Iron sharpens Iron, partners are supposed to make the other stronger. 

Sharelle chimes in that she can’t relate as Chad and her got together after his football life but that communication is key, encouraging red table talk type of openness in order to establish what each wants and expects in a relationship. Chad says losing the competition aspect of the game has led him to studying Sharelle as his new playbook but their dedication to weekly date nights is quickly questioned by the other married couples who say that may be nice now but what happens when that honeymoon phase fades. 

Diving into the mental aspects and pressure felt during their NFL careers, Brandon tries to paint a picture of how grueling the journey of playing football really was and the daily grind left them mentally and physically drained everyday so it wasn’t intentional but a result of the demands being that 1%. Seeking marriage counseling from the start is the best piece of advice they want to share with younger athletes so that their home is kept intact while chasing the NFL dream. 

Cutting them little slack, the women disagree with that notion and feel it wasn’t hard to put them first while playing. The conversation shifts from relationship issues to finances to sexual chemistry as the couples break out into laughter sharing stories about one another and opening up about their most intimate aspects of marriage. 


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