Check On Your Friends | I AM WOMAN with Michi Marshall and More

Check on your friends…the strong ones, the weak ones and the everyday ones. Michi, Aja and Ashley are joined by Kijafa Vick and Terricka Cromartie in this week’s episode of I Am Woman and the importance of being mindful to those close to us is at the core of the discussion.

“You never know what someone else is experiencing or going through,'” says Michi, as the ladies reflect on hearing Megan Markle’s story and how widespread mental health struggles are, no matter who it is. Everyone experiences it at some point in life but it’s getting through it and keeping the ones close to you moving forward that’s important. The conversation moves through the various emotions and situations as the ladies each share parts of their personal journeys of struggles they faced.

Ashley talks about how it was difficult at first to read negative comments when she was doing television but the hardest part was the criticism from those closest to her. MIchi and Aja agree and discuss how the lime light comes with a lot of perks but also a lot of pressure from the outside as well as the pressure put on ourselves to fit a certain mold and live up to expectations. Kijafa and Terricka felt the public pressure during their husband’s football careers and experienced the fallout of what was going on at the time on the field, in their personal lives.

The ladies also share their fashion inspiration and how what they wear often emulates their moods and creates a chance to express certain personality traits.

Chef Lowe changes it up and serves the ladies southern comfort food as a treat from the usual healthy options he makes for his athlete clients. The ladies ask him if his new position in the spotlight has brought unwanted attention or negativity in his life which he responds that at first it did but he immediately tuned it out not to let the bad takeaway from the good he was experiencing through these opportunities. I Am Woman is a eight part limited series on the I Am Athlete platform and filmed at the Botaniko Weston in south Florida.


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