DreamDoll is “Misunderstood” in latest visual

A compilation of eight songs entitled Life In Plastic 3, DreamDoll’s final project in the trilogy Life In Plastic, was released last week. Additionally, the project includes contributions from French Montana, Capella Grey, LunchMoney Lewis, and Kash Doll. Immediately after the project’s release, she released the video for “Misunderstood,” a John $K Mcgee production where she addresses her struggles and current position in the game:

Misunderstood” features an accompanying video directed by Picture Perfect, which depicts the rapper in a bubble on the streets of New York. Additionally, she can be seen lounging on a bed with the city skyline in the background.

During a past interview, DreamDoll described the moment she decided she wanted to become a full-time musician:

As a college student, I was involved in music. The truth is, we all have things that we are good at. But sometimes it’s not the right time for us to do them. As a college student, I was caring for my family as well. In the early stages of my career, I did not feel that paying for studio sessions or music videos would advance my career. My goal was to become a hair stylist, so I went to school for it. In that period of time, I was able to meet up with DJ Self and he and I had a conversation.”


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