Erin Garrison Huff bares her soul on ‘First Sight’

Understanding love is a never-ending journey.

Erin Garrison Huff’s latest single, “First Sight,” explores the euphoria and bliss of finding love at first sight in a vulnerable and authentic way. Erin’s lyrics are both relatable and empowering, sharing her personal experiences in a fearless and intimate way.

Erin Garrison Huff knows how disorienting and exhilarating it can be to find yourself suddenly in love, having been through the ups and downs of relationships. The way she infuses the song with hope and apprehension in “First Sight” is perfect.

There is hope and optimism in “First Sight” lyrics despite the rawness and emotional charge of the song. Using her own experiences to create a powerful message of hope and love, Erin’s vulnerability is transformational. For anyone who has ever felt lost or alone, this song offers a glimpse into how happiness can be found.

Possessing the ability to sing is a divine responsibility.

Erin Garrison Huff is known as the official Millennial relationship whisperer. Her ability to translate people’s deepest fears, desires, and emotions gives her a unique perspective on love, sex, and relationships. ‘First Sight’ has gained traction on Twitter and landed heavy rotation airplay on 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI on iHeartRadio.

99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI’s programming team was impressed with ‘First Sight’s’ premium music production and vocal arrangement. In R&B music, Erin Garrison Huff continues to break down unconventional barriers.


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