An acoustic version of “Favorite Song” has been released by Toosii

Toosii released “Favorite Song” back in February, a heartfelt song dedicated to the expression of affection in public. The 23-year-old artist treated fans to a live rendition of the song over the weekend as part of the celebration for the release of the song. Known as a Midnight Session, it takes place in a small studio with a live band and is billed as an intimate experience. The song is a gorgeous song in which Toosii sings about all the ways that he is captivated by his love interest:

“‘Favorite Song’ touches on all the dynamics of what a woman expects from a man as well as what a man expects from a woman,” the “Love Is…” album’s vocalist told a press release in response. The album is a record that will leave you feeling heartbroken, real life, and motivational. There is a distinct sound to this song, and it will surely become one of your favorite songs over time.”

It was last November that Toosii released his most recent album, Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do. There have been a number of times that he has kept in touch with his fans by sharing loose drops such as “Magic Stick” as well as the remix to “Snooze” by SZA. Platinum-certified artist Rod Wave closed out 2022 with performance that served as a support act to the platinum-certified artist’s “Beautiful Mind Tour,” an event that was kicked off by R&B songstress Mariah the Scientist, one of the other artists on the tour. Toosii released a 13-song album dubbed Thank You For Believing a couple of months before that, an album which featured appearances from Key Glock, Latto,and DaBaby.


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