The new single from Key Glock is called “Diapers”

It was just a few months ago that Key Glock released the deluxe edition of his Yellow Tape 2 project. The project contains 10 new tracks that have been widely praised. It has since been announced that Memphis singer will be releasing music videos for tracks such as “Grammys,” “Pain Killers,” “No Choice,” and “Something Bout.”

Having dropped Yellow Tape 2 two weeks ago, Key Glock is releasing his first official new single today (July 5). The recently released track “Diapers” features Glock riding the ominous, organ-backed beat effortlessly while rapping about his ceaseless struggles:

Originally released in November of last year, Yellow Tape 2 includes 20 hard-hitting cuts without any bonus content. Sadly, he did not have many opportunities to celebrate the album’s success. This is because he was devastated when his business partner, collaborator, and closest friend Young Dolph was killed in Memphis. His “Proud” track has been a touching tribute to Dolph since then, revealing how deeply affected he was by his passing.

Furthermore, Key Glock appears on recent collaborations such as Gucci Mane’s So Icy Gang: The Re-Up, “Blood All On It” featuring Big Moochie Grape’s East Haiti Baby, Gucci and Young Dolph.


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