Flo Milli releases new album ‘You Still Here, Ho? (Extended)’

Since Flo Milli has been building momentum for several years, the singer is finally releasing her debut album, You Still Here, Ho? in July of 2022. A total of 15 songs were included in the project, two bonus songs were included, performances were given by Rico Nasty and Babyface Ray, as well as a narration provided by Tiffany “New York” Pollard. There have been a number of visuals accompanying the songs that have already been shared with fans, like “Big Steppa” and “No Face.”

Earlier this week, the Alabama-born rapper Flo Milli returned with a shiny new upgrade of the LP that he dropped over the weekend. Taking a look at the extended version of You Still Here, Ho? Included in the mix is a remix version of the fan-favorite “Bed Time” song featuring both Gloss Up and Monaleo. As part of the new release, she also added some of her earlier 2023 tracks such as “Conceited (Remix)” and “Nasty Dancer,” which also featured a new verse by Lola Brooke:

According to the rapper Flo Milli in a previous interview, he spoke about how he will implement the launch strategy for the video for You Still Here, Ho ?, a song that was inspired by the reality shows of black people. “[My manager] noticed I enjoyed reality TV, and I used to re-create reality TV moments when I was doing TikToks, so from there I came up with the idea to do reality TV remakes when doing TikToks. This is a list of all the shows that I grew up watching with my family. ‘Most of the time, I had an idea of what I wanted to do off the top of my head, so creating those moments was easy for me,’ she said.


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