Flyana Boss: The Dynamic Duo Taking the Music Industry by Storm

Flyana Boss, the music sensation making waves on TikTok, is a collaboration between two talented artists – Bobbi LaNea and Folayan. The duo has been on an impressive run since releasing their hit single “You Wish” in June. They’ve kept the momentum going with a Jersey club remix, a six-song EP, and several sponsorship deals. Recently, their track received an upgrade with assistance from Kaliii and the legendary Missy Elliott. Let’s delve deeper into their journey.

The Birth of Flyana Boss

Bobbi LaNea, originally from Detroit, Michigan, and Folayan, raised in Dallas, Texas, first met at LA’s Musicians Institute. It was after their graduation that they formed Flyana Boss, a name inspired by one of their musical inspirations, Diana Ross. It’s a portmanteau of their names and a testament to their shared admiration for the music legend.

Since their formation, they’ve released several EPs, including Cheques ‘n’ Respect, Boffum, and Vitamin FB. Their unique blend of melodies and harmonies has appealed to a wide audience, earning them a dedicated fanbase.

The Journey of “You Wish”

Their single “You Wish” has been a significant part of their journey to prominence. Released in June, the track quickly gained traction on TikTok, going viral and amassing millions of views. Their clever use of social media to promote their music has played a significant role in their success.

To keep the song’s momentum going, they released a Jersey club remix and a six-song EP. These efforts ensured their presence in the music scene remained strong and their fans continually engaged.

In September, “You Wish” received a significant upgrade with the help of Kaliii and legendary artist Missy Elliott. This collaboration not only boosted the song’s popularity but also added a new layer of richness to the track.

Facing the Critics

Despite their success, Flyana Boss has faced criticism for the repetition and oversaturation of their music. However, they found a defender in Missy Elliott, who argued that repeating a successful formula is an old school tactic that works.

In a tweet, she explained, “If you do a bunch of things, you confuse the audience. They don’t know who you are. That’s why most successful artists have eras, and for that era, they consistently do the same style and sound, so you build a particular fan base.”

This defense not only silenced the critics but also offered an insightful perspective on how artists build their brand and their audience.

Flyana Boss released the long-awaited music video for “You Wish” in September. The video, directed by Brad Wong, features the duo enjoying a DoorDash delivery, dancing in front of a green screen, and more in an ultra-colorful environment that seems to parody the latest hip-hop marketing schemes.

The lyrics of the song, produced by Marky Style and Puda Beats, are provocative and catchy, further enhancing its appeal.

On Tour with Janelle Monáe

Currently, Flyana Boss is providing support for Janelle Monáe’s “The Age of Pleasure Tour.” This tour, which kicked off in August, will end in October, offering the duo an excellent platform to connect with their fans.

Flyana Boss is a testament to the power of collaboration and the innovative use of social media platforms. Through their unique sound and engaging content, they’ve carved a niche for themselves in the music industry. As they continue their journey, it is clear that they are not just musicians, but trailblazers setting new trends. As they navigate the complexities of the music industry, their story serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists worldwide.


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