G Perico and CurrenSy collaborate on “Bacc 2 The Blocc”

Those who like Curren$y and G Perico can look forward to the collaboration between the two on their upcoming album JetBlue. First off, they present a new track with C Beats production from the project titled “Bacc 2 The Blocc” in which they deliver vivid bars about street life and their respective vices:

Hip hop’s two most prolific artists, Curren$y and G Perico, can be considered to be among the most prolific artists within the genre. He dropped top tier projects last year, including Welcome To The Land, LA Summers, and Play 2 Win back in February, and now Tango is following suit. In addition to that, he currently has a new single and video out called “Half A Bird” with Dave East, which is expected to be on another project by the end of the year. In the meantime, Curren$y dominated 2021 with numerous releases including Welcome to Jet Life Recordings 2 as part of his Jet Life collective, The Collection Agency, Matching Rolexes featuring Kino Beats, Highest in Charge featuring Trauma Tone, Land Air Sea by Cash Fargo and Regatta, Pilot Talk 4, Still Stoned On Ocean featuring Ski Beats. The eight-track release was a joint effort with Harry Fraud. In this year’s critically acclaimed Continuance, he reunited with longtime collaborator The Alchemist.


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