“Wayback” gets a cinematic visual treatment from Dyson Alexander

During the past couple of years, Dyson Alexander has been on a tear, delivering his own unique brand of melodic cuts such as “Aura,” “Mona Lisa,” “Backbone,” and “My Mind,” with BRS Kash and “Too Yxng” “Pressure,” by Louie Bagz and Eastman, to his exponentially growing fanbase over the past couple of years. In addition, he recently released a video for “Wayback,” a piano-driven track that features the DMV star having a conversation about a special person.

The accompanying video for “Wayback” is provided by MotiVisual and features Dyson Alexander hosting his significant other in the latter part of the year. During a lavish residence, viewers will see the “Locked and Loaded” artist and his love interest spending some quality time together. During one of his gestures, he even provided her with a new vehicle, an act that is sure to be reciprocated.

Earlier this week, Dyson Alexander shared the meaning behind the Zee Dolla-produced project in a press release. “There’s a song called ‘Wayback’ that stands out to me because I feel it’s relatable on a variety of levels, being about running away from love, which is something that a lot of people in my generation do for different reasons and in different ways for a number of different reasons,” he told me. “Through the record, if you pay close attention to what I say, I elaborate on this thought process from my perspective.”


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