The Alchemist and Larry June recruit Big Sean for their project Palisades, CA

A new joint album from Larry June and The Alchemist is set to drop soon, and there is no better time to get started than now. The Great Escape, which has already been acclaimed for its tracks such as “89 Earthquake” and “60 Days.” On this day (March 22), the West Coast duo release another track which is called “Palisades, CA,” featuring Big Sean, and it is one of the newest tracks to be released from their upcoming album. This track further adds to the perfect blend of Al’s booming production with June’s laid-back verses about his more than comfortable life.

As well as the accompanying video for “Palisades, CA“, David Camarena also shares with us some of the car culture that both Larry June and The Alchemist have been emphasizing since the very beginning of the project. Also joining in on the fun is Sean, who brings a timeless Ferrari into the mix, all of which perfectly blends in with shots of slow-motion donuts that are being performed behind the wheel of some of America’s favorite muscle cars.

A single release from Larry June in November 2022, Spaceships on the Blade, had reached number one on the charts as Larry June’s highest-charting solo release. This project consists of 20 songs, with appearances by a wide variety of artists, including Babyface Ray, Curren$y, DUCKWRTH, Wallo267, 2 Chainz, and Syd. During the same year, he teamed up with Jay Worthy and his LNDN DRGS outfit to produce an equally dope track called 2 P’z In A Pod, which had additional contributions from artists such as Marciano,CeeLo Green, Suga Free, Roc and Jim Jones.

As an independent artist, Larry June opened up about the benefits of being an independent artist in an interview he gave. “Going independent, you get to express yourself 100% of the way,” he explained. It is very important to have a solid fan base in order to get 100 percent of what you deserve. It is only about numbers that I am interested in, that’s all I care about. Adding up the numbers is what matters to me, as long as they add up. That’s all there is to it. It is likely that I will not sign with another major company in the future.”


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