GTB Kartel: A Life-Changing Legacy Built On A Brotherly Bond

GTB Kartel Move The Masses With Mass Up Entertainment

From the beginning, Hip Hop has always been a family affair. Since the birth of Hip-Hop history, artists have used kinship as a way of cementing group ties and GTB Kartel are the newest dynamic duo dominating the music scene! While the game may be filled with family ties, made up of more than blood brothers, GTB Kartel move the masses with Mass Up Entertainment

Built on a brotherly bond, made up of GTB Gas Man and GTB Hardball, both rising rhymers bring the south — nationwide with their distinct sound. Where HardBall is known for providing igniting yet infectious bars, Gas Man balances his brother out by keeping up but bringing his own flair to his flow. Both brothers attack the Alabama sound of hip-hop in their own way. 

Alabama Arrives On The Musical Map Thanks To GTB Kartel

The brothers from Birmingham, Alabama, are currently circulating throughout music with their popular projects: Banopoly and Mass Up by Boyz N Da Massis. With trendy tracks like “Take 1,” “Just Got A Bag,” and “J.J. (No Hook),” they rapidly racked up over 500k streams and views and counting in just a few months. Together they’ve produced some profound music. 

Furthermore, GTB Kartel is the latest dynamic duo ready to dominate the game. For now, get familiar with the trailblazing talents by pressing play on their full collection on your preferred streaming platform. Don’t believe me? Press play on their hottest hits here at Music Hype Beast!




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