Hit-Boy releases his new album, Surf or Drown

If Hit-Boy continues to move in the same direction as he has in the last few years, then it wouldn’t be surprising if he was voted the best producer of 2023 by the end of the year poll. For years now, the Grammy-winning rapper-producer has been applying pressure on the music industry in an effort to gain attention, and it seems that he is just beginning to warm up to it. During the year 2022, Hit-Boy had a very successful year, and his new album puts things in perspective for the people who may not yet have discovered Hit’s raw talent as he has had a quite successful year in 2022. The front-man of the Surf Club has released his new album Surf or Drown today (Monday, March 24), well ahead of Christmas. For sure, the vibes are in tact.

A new album from Hit-Boy titled Surf or Drown has been released, which is not just rap music but also instrumental music. Several times, he encouraged his followers to send him the music they created using his beats on his social media platforms. This is not only a good marketing tactic, but it is also an effective way to connect with your fans in a deeper way. As an added benefit, opening that door could open up major opportunities for rappers that are just getting started.

In an interview with Twitter Spaces last week, Elliott Wilson, the Fontana, CA producer who is known as a go-to producer for some of hip-hop’s biggest artists, spoke about his desire to become an artist in his own right beyond being a go-to producer for these artists. In my opinion, some of the vibes on there are going to rock people and make them get up and dance. The music isn’t just about soul chops and all that; it’s got modern sounds, it’s got everything in it. In his words, “It’s a very exciting world to be a part of”. “I have been talking about the things that I have been going through as I’ve spoken in several interviews and in other things I’ve been doing. I had to take time to figure out where I was going to fit in the game as well as to gain a better understanding of my own personal power in this s**t.”


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