6LACK returns with his third album, ‘Since I Have a Lover’

The 6LACK fans have been awaiting a new project for a long time, and now, the waiting is over. A while ago, the Atlanta crooner dropped out of the limelight and was largely relegated to the background over the years. In an open letter to his fans, the LVRN artist 6LACK provided some insight into the reasons for the delay, and many individuals found this to be disappointing.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect it to take as long as it did, but there are some promises that will have to be broken so I can move forward. There is no way to skip any part of the growth process when it comes to time and progress, and you end up repeating lessons that you should have learned by now. It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the 30-year-old’s latest album, Since I Have a Lover, on today (Mar. 24).

With the release of Since I Have a Lover, 6LACK has completed the trilogy of albums he has released since his sophomore album, East Atlanta Love Letter, which went platinum. This album will suit a variety of purposes, from chilling out with your partner or to just letting off a little steam and taking a load off yourself. A Baltimore native, who spoke with PAUSE Magazine on behalf of the album’s title track, shared his thoughts on just why he relates to the song so much.

“My choice of a track is always going to be the title track, if I am forced to pick one. In my opinion, when he is having a good day, this song reminds him of what that sound and look likes. When he is having a bad day, it serves as a pick-me-up. “As for why I relate most to it, it is because it matches both my happy days and my sad ones.”


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