Hot Cakes By Design: Girls Gone Veg with Erin McLeod | I AM ATHLETE

Soccer Stars Toni Pressley and Ali Riley are back with a new episode of their cooking series- Girls Gone Veg and are getting creative in the kitchen with one of their Orlando Pride teammates.

Goalkeeper Erin Mcleod joins Toni and Ali as they whip up a special vegan recipe of double chocolate protein pancakes which is the perfect anytime meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Erin is a renowned artist, philanthropist and Olympic medalist who currently plays goal for Orlando Pride but is testing her skills in the kitchen. With an artistic background, the ladies challenge Erin to get creative with making the pancakes and are impressed that her designs using batter resemble her real life artwork. Ali tries to recreate a portrait of Erin that spurs some laughs.

Besides soccer bonding the trio, their love for crystals and promoting the flow of healing energy amongst teammates and friends is shared. Erin opens up about her experiences as a bronze medalist as well as launching The Mindful Project, a platform that focuses more on positive thoughts and moving past negative ones to live fully in the present; aiming to set an example for other athletes, especially young ones.


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