IAMQUEENBROOKLYN empowers Generation Z through her angelic voice

The power of one voice can change the world.

Hearing someone sing is a divine and sacred moment in time. Trying to understand how a specific group of people is blessed with the power to sing is mind-blowing. Singing is therapy for most artists as it guides them through their pain, passion, and day-to-day survival.

Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Summer Walker, Brandy, and more define the essence of R&B. Select individuals blessed with this gift carry an invisible responsibility to empower, uplift, and inspire people to their highest levels of potential.

IAMQUEENBROOKLYN defines the phrase creative genius

Major Recording Artist IAMQUEENBROOKLYN is an emerging force in the world of R&B music. IAMQUEENBROOKLYN’s music is consumed, streamed, and downloaded worldwide by music enthusiasts and R&B lovers. IAMQUEENBROOKLYN’s angelic voice and unique lyrical content are unmatched.

Her music provides a unique life perspective and provides a guiding light for Generation Z consumers. IAMQUEENBROOKLYN is the new face of Generation Z R&B music.

She is our modern-day ‘Brandy’ and the voice of aspiring dream chasers in youth culture. Listening to IAMQUEENBROOKLYN’s music, you understand music’s power and authentic mastery.


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