A new “Orville” single from Logic features Blu & Exile and Like

It is expected that Logic will announce an official release date for Vinyl Days next month. From now until then, Logic will release a single every week to prepare fans for June 17th. Logic has already released the official title track of his debut album, along with “Therapy Music” featuring Russ.

This morning (May 27), Logic releases “Orville“, a collaboration between Blu & Exile and Like. As the song takes listeners on a wild ride of emotions, all four flows come together as one to form the song as a whole:

The musician made a big comeback a few weeks ago, debuting two new singles for his fans. Firstly, there is 6ix’s song “Decades,” in which he gratefully acknowledges his higher power for success. In the next track, “Tetris,” the singer boasts more lyricism with a more boastful tone. As the third installment of his fan-favorite series, Bobby Tarantino III marked Logic’s last project from 2021. A single feature was provided by Cynthia Erivo for the film.


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