In Luh Kel’s new single, “Be This Way”, he says it doesn’t have to be that way

With his new single, “Be This Way,” Luh Kel returns with a new project. Luh Kel’s latest release is accompanied by a new music video directed by Terrius Mykel. The video displays some of the harsh realities he was facing during the recording of the song. After the track opens with Luh Kel getting arrested, Luh Kel narrates the events that follow through his lyrics over the production of Cardiak and Swiff D:

L.O.V.E. (Deluxe) by Luh Kel was his last full-length effort. In addition to the 14 tracks on his project, there was a remix of the “Wrong” track featuring Lil TJay. His Mixed Emotions LP, which had been released in November, preceded that. Meanwhile, the St. Louis-born artist was dishing out loose singles and assists such as “Don’t Matter,” “F Love” by HXLLYWOOD, “We Better Than Me Rap Battle” featuring Baby Keely, and Curly Head Monty, “Comfortable” featuring Alehn and Nevi, and plenty more.


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