In her latest single, Beyoncé takes it to the next level with “CUFF IT (Wetter Remix)”

It is not unusual for Beyoncé to surprise us. On the same day that she announced the highly anticipated “Renaissance World Tour” earlier in the week, SZA shocked fans once again when she dropped the highly anticipated single “CUFF IT (Wetter Remix)”.

This weekend (Feb 3) was the day when the remix to the fan-favorite song was released. In their original album version of “CUFF IT,” Beyoncé decided to keep the track upbeat, but she slowed it down to make it even more sultry and sexily suggestive, making the already sexually suggestive track even more seductive.

In this mash-up track, Queen Bey uses her original vocals as well as the instrumental from Twista’s 2009 single, “Wetter.” In addition, the Grammy Award-winning artist added some brand-new lyrics and ad-libs towards the end of the song because she wanted to increase the tempo a little bit.

The brand-new track is the work of DJ Esentrik. Following the release of the remix, Beyoncé tweeted, “So, I have been hiding this for quite some time, and now I can finally say it!” ‘CUFF IT (WETTER REMIX)’ IS OFFICIAL! Thank you to Beyoncé and Parkwood, as well as to the DJs and fans who have supported this project from the beginning! Thank you, and love to all! ”

A majority of BeyHive members probably know that the popular DJ is well known for his creative mashups of popular songs. He originally merged “CUFF IT” and “Wetter” in October, which instantly became a sensation on TikTok, where “CUFF IT” has been a trending challenge for several months. It was also acknowledged by Twista that the remix had been released. His tweet included a link to the track along with the words, “Happy Friday.”

While it is impossible to predict what other surprises Beyoncé will have in store, fans hope that she will appear on the Grammy stage this weekend. Even if she does not choose to participate, hundreds of thousands of her fans are certain to purchase tickets to see her live when her tour begins in May.


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