In Kentucky, Jack Harlow gives to local civil rights organizations

A number of Louisville, Kentucky, organizations benefit from Jack Harlow’s generosity.

In an interview with People, “What’s Poppin” emcee cited his mother for her “giving heart” and how he wanted to follow in her footsteps. “My mom gave me some advice, because she’s always given back, and she knows a lot about these kind of stuff. I was really curious to find out what resonated with me,” he said.

In addition to the Louisville Urban League, the Academy of Music Production Education and Development (AMPED), Grace James Academy and Metro United Way, Center for Women and Families, Harlow made donations to several organizations.

In addition to local advocacy, the five companies undertake community volunteer projects and offer free music programs to kids. The store reported that it was difficult for him to pick just one; all of the organizations were meaningful to him and he wanted to make sure the love he spread was diverse.

In Harlow’s mind, getting recognition for where he grew up is everything. For him, it’s everything. “That’s my foundation.” he says. My DNA is rooted in it. People laugh at how often I mention my home, but it’s an integral part of my identity, and I’d like you to think of it each time you think of me. I feel like my career is my mission.”

Rapper “Already Best Friends” isn’t shy about giving back. The rapper and rapper Quavo donated $500,000 to historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in Kentucky in May after winning the Open Run Showdown basketball contest sponsored by Bleacher Report.

“I am going to donate $500k to Kentucky State University and Simmons College of Kentucky,” he claimed back in March.

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.


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