In the latest visual from Vince Staples and Mustard, “MAGIC” is brought to life

The highly anticipated fifth studio LP of Vince Staples, Ramona Park Broke My Heart, is expected to be released sometime this year. The album was first revealed in an interview with W Magazine last summer. Earlier this month, the singer put the first track from his upcoming album, “MAGIC,” out. Produced by Mustard, the song contains Staples’ trademark darkly vivid depictions of reality:

An official music video for “MAGIC” was released this weekend by West Coast collaborators, which begins with a bruised Staples in a local shop. During the hearing, Staples related how he bumped into another man at a party, and proceeded to engage in an argument with him. Others (including Mustard) look on as the situation escalates by the swimming pool, during which Staples gets jumped. A “to be continued” is spliced in at the end of the clip, concluding the story.

Following the release of Vince Staples’ 10 song album the previous year, Ramona Park Broke My Heart will feature guest appearances from Fousheé. Additionally, Kenny Beats was largely responsible for production on the project’s eponymous release. As part of his career, Staples has performed on tracks including The Alchemist “6 Five Heartbeats,” and Raveena “Secret.” He also collaborated with Pokémon for “Got ‘Em,” a song celebrating the 25th anniversary of the brand.


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