Major Recording Artist AYEKAY spits rap gold with ‘Broken Record’

Hip-Hop School of Hard Knocks is priceless  

Street rules of engagement and Hip-Hop run parallel on the same tracks in life. Hip-Hop music echoes the pain, beauty, passion, and creative genius inside the inner-city. Rap music is the most revolutionized movement in modern human history.   

Rap music embodies the current pulse of American society. Hip-Hop is refined poetry that narrates and translates the world’s myths, hypocrisy, and strengths.   

Born from the depths of struggle and divine creativity, rap music is the global leader of pop culture. Hip-Hop music is a worldwide phenomenon and generates over eight billion dollars annually.   

AYKEKAY is cut from a different cloth  

AYEKAY’s journey in Hip-Hop is cold-hearted, ruthless, faith-based, and unapologetically bold. Listening to his music, you feel a sense of desperation and an unparalleled creative fire. AYEKAY’s music reflects the purpose and plight of young black males in America.   

His music narrates a vivid picture of hope, empowerment, and opulence. His latest release, ‘Broken Record’ is making serious noise on YouTube. AYEKAY moment is now, and his movement is trending north.     


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