Major Recording Artist Quinashai Chelette unveils her blueprint with MUSICHYPEBEAST

Music is for many people a way to escape real life and enter a better world.  

Using music as a coping mechanism for all the troubles the world threw her, Quinashai Chelette jumped at the chance. Her cuts liberate her audience because she gives them facts they cannot say out loud, but she spits them out with ease. While music isn’t just a part of Quinashai Chelette’s blood, the New Orleans poet discovered her talent when she started writing poetry. It is Quinashai Chelette’s hope that her music will be able to provide comfort to others, as she was helped by it. The many things Quinashai Chelette can be known for, such as her status as a mogul, music, poetry, and design artist, an international fashion icon, and her greatness, are just a few. Quinashai Chelette’s experience can be streamed here

MUSICHYPEBEAST and RADIOPUSHERS appreciate Quinashai Chelette’s musical talent and inventiveness. 


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