Tray Nova steps into his purpose with MUSICHYPEBEAST

It is no secret that music is a form of expression whose importance cannot be disputed. 

Tray Nova is a multi-instrumentalist who uses his beats as a means of communicating his thoughts, emotions, and experiences. In all of his songs, he incorporates a vulnerability that helps him to connect with people. Tray Nova grew up learning a wide variety of music including gospel music, Neo Soul, rap, and R&B. It is evident from his music that Tray Nova has always been open to a wide range of music styles. Tray Nova’s own experiences as well as his own style of music are present in every one of his cuts. The way Tray Nova perceives the world is through the words he sings.

Tray Nova is available for streaming here. Tray Nova has been recognized for his musical talent and innovative spirit by MUSICHYPEBEAST and RADIOPUSHERS.


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