Missing Black people, “Missing white woman syndrome” and why white media ignores our disappearances

In this “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” roundtable, host Eboni K. Williams dives into the “Do it Yourself Era” of investigations of missing Black people. Every day, Black women, children and even men go missing and white media barely does any coverage about their disappearances. Social media has become a platform where missing people of color spread the word with more urgency than mainstream news outlets. Just recently, Joy Reid reacted to the coverage of Gabby Petito — a white woman — in comparison to the coverage of missing Black people, and coined the widespread news of her “Missing White Woman Syndrome.”

Inspired by Sean “Diddy” Combs’ successful “State Of Emergency: The State of Black America & Coronavirus” town hall, “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” is a platform that is designed to report news from the perspective of Black people for Black people.

“When I started REVOLT, I always wanted to develop a platform to report the news from our perspective, from our lens, from our people, so I decided to launch ‘REVOLT BLACK NEWS.’” said Combs. “We’re here with solutions. We’ve already heard about what we can’t do, but this is what we can do.”


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