NXTFRIDAY unveils the latest video for “Off Her Mind”

Earlier this year, NXTFRIDAY debuted a new song titled “Off Her Mind,” in which he laments a failed relationship, which he had previously discussed on his social media accounts.

In the accompanying video for “Off Her Mind,” Paulo “Super P” Martinez provides a glimpse into the talent’s life as he witnesses her being caught in the middle of an apparent affair. This revelation leads to a disagreement between the two of them, and he is next seen sitting alone in the back seat of the SUV, with his girlfriend. This breaks up their relationship. It is not long before he performs in a bedroom, in the proximity of another woman, with another woman nearby.

In a press release published by NXTFRIDAY, the band explained the significance behind the track in more detail. “I created this record in an effort to reflect my own experiences that I had gone through in the past.” he said. “As a matter of fact, it’s a part of me I want to let the world know about.”

“Off Her Mind” is another solid drop from NXTFRIDAY, following a string of highly acclaimed 2023 releases such as “Masari,” “Elevate,” “Jet Ski,” “Milano,” “Cha Ching,” and “Day 1’s.” Days before “Off Her Mind,” NXTFRIDAY first took a risk with 2020’s “Lost”, a romantic offering that also plays on love themes.


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