Rapper A$AP Ant and A$AP Rocky team up for “The God Hour” video

A$AP Ant releases his first project of the year, From Me 2 U, this month, which contains collaborations with Curren$y, Larry June, and more from his Marino Infantry collective. The Baltimore rapper has unveiled his first single since March 31, “The God Hour,” a SpizzleDoe and Mannyvelli-produced track featuring his Harlem brethren A$AP Rocky. With bars that focus on past struggles and current victories, the A$AP Mob duo make almost no work of the infectious production:

In addition to the album, “The God Hour” follows with a psychedelic video directed by Geerten Harmens, which mostly depicts Ant and Rocky in front of a corner store alongside Soduh, A$AP Twelvyy, and LuLu P. A choir is also visible behind them, following behind the two as they walk along a bridge. Surely a clear reference to the title of the song.

A$AP Ant and Marino Infantry have had a busy year in 2019, beginning with a ChopNotSlop remix of Enter The Infantry, which was done by DJ IllaDell at the beginning of year. A few months later, he would release Enter The Infantry 2, which contained 31 dope tracks designed to entertain music fans. Then, just before the end of 2021, Ant and his crew would respond with Infantry Warz.


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