R&B trio “FLO” has released a new video for “Losing You.”

The R&B trio “FLO” released a new track, “Losing You.” Featuring Joe Gosling, MNEK, and RELYT, this track sees the R&B trio having a peaceable comedown after enduring a toxic relationship for a while:

An official statement was issued by the group FLO in which they explained further the meaning behind the release mentioned above:

Losing You” is a very fitting song to be released this time of the year, since the song is about suffering through hard times and somehow being comforted by it in the middle of it all. It reminds you of how content and happy you are just by yourself, and that there is always a positive spirit to find during a tough time.”

“Meekz and Frost also provided the visuals for “Losing You” which perfectly complement the song’s lyrics. They can be seen spending some time in a luxurious residence together to enjoy the company of Jorja, Renée, and Stella moving around separately and then reuniting in a bedroom after spending time together.

There were a lot of praises for FLO’s debut single, “Cardboard Box,” back in March. The track was critically acclaimed, and it has since made its way to several year-end lists, including those from Billboard and iTunes. It was followed by the five-song EP The Lead, which was released shortly afterwards. The arrival of “Losing You” will hopefully indicate that a full-length LP is not far off, and we shouldn’t be surprised to hear it soon.


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