Recording Artist CalvenJ is finding new life inside the crypto world in Hip-Hop

CalvenJ is breathing rare cryptocurrency air in 2022.  

In addition to being a recording artist, CalvenJ got his start in the music business as a producer and songwriter. CalvenJ is now finding a new life inside the cryptocurrency world with his hip-hop work. A native of Maryland, CalvenJ is now breaking into the cryptocurrency world with his hip-hop work.  

In the course of his career, CalvenJ has written and performed his own songs and released several albums. Using cryptocurrency to empower black indie artists, CalvenJ’s focus has shifted to education and empowerment.  

Knowledge is power in the world of CalvenJ. 

Using rap music as a platform to build an empire in the world of crypto, CalvenJ believes cryptocurrency can help underserved communities become prosperous. A leading voice in this space, CalvenJ has superb business acumen and is quickly gaining recognition. CalvenJ is demystifying digital currency and making it accessible for even the most basic of users on his platform, regardless of whether it’s an established concept or relatively new to those who have never heard of it. 

As part of CalvenJ’s mission, he aims to educate and empower black indie artists to learn and use cryptocurrency to control their careers and build lasting financial success. It’s with his music and teachings that CalvenJ is teaching the world that cryptocurrency is more than just a tool for investing money – it’s also a way for everyone to build wealth and power and participate in this phenomenal revolution that is changing the world to become wealthier and more powerful than ever before. 


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