The treatment of Pooh Shiesty in prison has been condemned by Gucci Mane.

In an Instagram post, Gucci Mane demanded an investigation into the treatment of his protégé, Pooh Shiesty, in prison. Shiesty is currently serving his sentence at The United States Penitentiary Pollock (USP Pollock) in Grant Parish, Louisiana.

In the post, Gucci Mane said that he had spoken to Shiesty on the phone and was concerned about the conditions of his confinement. He said that Shiesty was being held in “deplorable conditions” and was not receiving proper medical care. Gucci Mane called on the authorities to investigate the matter and ensure that Shiesty was being treated fairly.

This is not the first time that Gucci Mane has spoken out about the treatment of prisoners in the United States. In 2018, he spoke out against the conditions at a prison in Georgia, where he said that inmates were being treated like animals.

In December 2020, he posted a video on social media in which he criticized the prison for its lack of basic amenities and called on the government to improve conditions there. It is clear that Gucci Mane is deeply concerned about the welfare of his artist Pooh Shiesty and is determined to ensure that he receives fair treatment while in prison.

Gucci Mane demanded an investigation into the conditions of Shiesty’s imprisonment, stating that he had been “in contact with [Shiesty’s] family and they have expressed great concern for his safety and well-being.” He went on to say that he had spoken with officials at USP Pollock and had been assured that Shiesty was “receiving proper medical care and attention.” However, Gucci Mane said that he was not satisfied with this response and would be sending a team of lawyers to investigate the situation further.


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