In the new video, Roy Woods addresses “Young Boy Problems”

The OVO Sound’s Roy Woods is slated to release his forthcoming Mixed Emotions project this summer. On Friday (April 21), he released a teaser of the project titled “Young Boy Problems,” which is an honest ode to what it’s like to be a teenager and famous at the same time. Director Jesse Dart works on the visually stimulating visual and gives fans a glimpse inside the world of the artist, as he tries to navigate the influence that surrounds him and tries to find the balance between them. Throughout the duration of the song, Woods describes his thoughts as he stumbles into a party and struggles to get through the rest of the night:

Having made his debut with the Exis project back in 2015, the Canadian artist Roy Woods has since gone on to have a string of hits to his name, such as “Drama” a collaboration with Drake and “Get You Good.” He was most recently a part of the short and sweet Dem Times EP that was released in 2020. It has been a long road since then as he has rewarded fans with loose drops like “Insecure” and “Bad Bad.”

The 27-year-old singer Roy Woods explained that he felt it was necessary to scrap the original Mixed Emotions project and start over, after I asked him why he decided to do that in a previous interview, and he explained that he felt compelled to do so as well. “Back then, I made a conscious effort to make the best music that I could, but that wasn’t the case at that time,” he told me. “The album has changed five, six, seven, eight times for me to make sure that I get exactly what I am looking for out of it. Throughout the course of this process, there was a lot of mental health issues that had to be dealt with.”


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