The new Kenyon Dixon album is called “CLOSER”

‘R&B Kenny’ Dixon is a Grammy-nominated artist who only has the sky as his limit. She is no stranger to the R&B world as she has worked with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Tyrese, Usher and others. In spite of the fact that many people are still sleeping, Kenyon Dixon continues to add to his discography and long resume. Despite the fact that R&B music is thriving these days, Dixon continues to impress the genre and his hometown. For those who think he’ll not be able to deliver his new release Closer, you’d be wrong.

In light of all that is occurring on the world stage right now, Kenyon Dixon discusses how he moves forward on one of his standout singles, “Get High, Get By” starring D Smoke. Featuring Dixon, Marqus Curtis, and Chris “CBlakk” Daniels, this song was produced by Dixon. Throughout the song “Get High, Get By,” he sings about the enormous amount of stress that comes from just surviving in a world awash with pressure. Consequently, he resorts to recreational medication, as well as meditation here and there, to dull the pain.

She really has something special with her two-time Grammy nominated song-song-producer’s CLOSE because it is among the best of 2022 so far. Take a listen to Kenyon Dixon’s latest effort and feel good.


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