Saj The Artist reinvents ‘Ride’ by R&B legend J.Holiday

Saj The Artist reinvents ‘Ride’ by R&B legend J. Holiday: R&B music is not dead! Contrary to some recent news reporting, R&B music is the soul of America and provides a unique emotional balance for people.  

‘Saj The Artist’s’ remix of J. Holiday’s ‘Ride’ demonstrates the timeless appeal of this genre of music. ‘Saj The Artist’s’ mastery of the production elements creates a hypnotic soundscape that pulls the listener in and won’t let go.  

Reimagined lyrics give the original song a new layer of depth and emotion, making it relevant for Generation Z listeners. You’re sure to feel something when you listen to this remix, regardless of whether you’re a fan of R&B or not. 

Stream the ‘Ride’ remix Click here.  


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