With his latest visual, Central Cee reflects on the experience of having to learn to “Let Go”

Central Cee is back on track today (Dec. 15), with a new single titled “Let Go”. The track is brought to you by Nastylgia, and it features a sample from Passenger’s 2012 single “Let Her Go.” Passenger is seen on the track going through an emotional roller coaster due to his love interest for this track:

“Let Go” is also accompanied by a matching visual provided by Korean artist KGY. There are a number of times that Central Cee can be seen in different locations throughout the short video, including a hallway with his crew, a home in front of an unknown address, and also a venue that he is part of.

As the follow-up to Cench’s runaway hit “Doja,” which was certified silver by the British Phonographic Industry, “Let Go” comes at the tail end of Cench’s highly successful stint on the U.K. Singles chart. It was also during 2022 that he released the critically acclaimed mixtape 23, which contained fifteen tracks in addition to additional features from Ashe 22, Baby Gang, Rondodasosa, A2anti, Morad, Beny Jr, and Freeze Corleone.

A few years ago, Central Cee spoke about the grime era that preceded drill’s success in an interview with Rolling Stone:

“That grime phase was insane, and there were a lot of eyes on U.K music at that time, but after a period of time all of that interest began to fade, and Drill started picking it back up again, and it has been working great since then. As its owners, it’s up to us to ensure that it stays alive, because otherwise it could definitely die out just like that.”


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