Cris Cray is creating musical waves in the WEB3 and crypto space in 2023

Cris Cray is the leader of the new school of crypto.

Cris Cray is a force to be reckoned with in the WEB3 music and blockchain universe. He is making waves in the digital and physical music worlds with his cutting-edge approach to producing and releasing music. For instance, the PandaMania NFT Community Anthem. This anthem exemplifies how he’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the WEB3 music and blockchain technology. 

The PandaMania NFT project is a sold out collection of 999 unique Pandas. Each Panda in the NFT collection has the capability to save Giant Pandas here on planet Earth. They will donate 50% of all proceeds that come from their collection to Pandas International. The donation will help cover the costs of veterinary care, medicine and vitamins, the Pandas daily meals (Panda bread, carrots, apples, lots of bamboo), formula for the cubs and much more. It is a wonderful way to give the pandas everything they need to thrive! That’s just their first major milestone! 

By harnessing the power of versatility, Cris Cray is able to create a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for the NFT project. He creates custom anthems for the NFT projects community based on what the NFT project desires. The process begins with the NFT project filling out a specific questioned intake form, then they schedule a call to review their intake form, and if they would like to proceed with the anthem, they would then sign a proposal. 

Each NFT Community Anthem Record is specially crafted in a multi-million dollar recording studio called Audio Nerdz. They are located within the depths of Treasure Coast, Florida. Multi Production Recording Studio Audio Nerdz Experience high-definition sound recording in a state-of-the-art conditioned studio environment. 

Mike Splurge AKA Mixed by Mike, owns and operates Audio Nerdz with his Business partner, Grant. He is a Platinum Audio Engineer in the music industry. In addition, he Produced for Slip-N-Slide-Records back in the early 2000’s. Robert Blake AKA Bobby in his Bag is a 2x Multi-Platinum Producer and Musician in the music industry. He has Produced for: A Boogie, Riff Raff, Xanman, Young Thug and more. 

Each time a holder listens to a track, they interact with a rare piece of digital art. They can share ownership with the artist and collect their music. Cris Cray uses the blockchain to disrupt the music industry in many ways including: having a direct connection with fans, obtaining decentralized royalties and having protection over their intellectual property. His musical work is complemented by his use of blockchain to empower young people from underprivileged backgrounds. 

Cris Cray is the reflection of music’s future.

Through Cris Cray and his manager Alexis Rockss, mainstream digital doors of opportunity are being opened in the WEB3 space for indie artists. It is widely believed that WEB3 will be the future of digital assets known as cryptocurrencies. A blockchain-based new web is envisioned for our future, with features of: NFTs, music NFTs, DAOs, the metaverse, potentially legal documents and a plethora more to come. 

As a result, Cris Cray and Alexis Rockss are providing resources and education to indie artists who may not know how to navigate in WEB3 music. We are entering a rapidly fast-paced growing industry harnessing technology. They are helping to level the playing field for those who otherwise might not be able to do so. Cris Cray and Alexis Rockss are the official #DREAMTEAM of the crypto market heading into 2023


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