The latest visual from MC Bravado, “Bye My Lonely (Warped Tour Diary)” is now available.

As recently as in 2020, MC Bravado released a well-received album entitled The Living Game, which contained ten songs as well as additional contributions from Joell Ortiz, Luke O’Brien, Angela Faith, Von Stacks, Erin Fox, Eze Jackson, and Mike Evenn. In April, the DMV-based talent revealed a new video from that collection of work entitled “Bye My Lonely (Warped Tour Diary),” in which he speaks about giving up his teaching job to pursue a career in music while he lost two of his closest loved ones at the same time:

Drew Servedio, Nick Palmer, and Mike Jon directed and produced the clip for “Bye My Lonely (Warped Tour Diary),” which begins with a touching tribute to “Joe & Brad”, then switches to scenes depicting Bravado in an RV in the middle of the tour. The title suggests the artist is confined to an isolated state, despite the fact that he travels and interacts with others throughout.

Jon further explained in a press release that:

I have never been able to do something as close to creating a living diary I have ever been able to do. The most difficult and best times of my life were concurrently happening at the same time, the full range of feelings; I was on my knees and somehow managed to maintain a full sprint, so above all, it affirmed that I would make a career out of music.


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