The mother of Tamir Rice reacts to the verdict regarding Kyle Rittenhouse

Tamir Rice, whose death was caused by a toy gun, was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse after his mother expressed her dissatisfaction with the ruling. Samantha Rice told TMZ in a recent interview that Rittenhouse was “just not right” for being acquitted on all counts.

I am extremely annoyed by the fact that a minor, a white child, is not being held accountable for killing other people. This is not right. He should also be jailed, said Jessica.

I asked, “Why would you give a gun to a minor?” That’s not the way this country raises its children.

It’s not okay to give a man a gun just to go to a protest, is it? So knowing he was going to a protest, what was your expectation of his behavior there? Rice added, rejecting Rittenhouse’s assertion that his purpose for attending the protest was to assist local businesses and law enforcement.

The whole thing is very confusing, but I realize it was designed to work like this and we are at the mercy of God at this point. I believe that the country should be overthrown,” she said. Furthermore, Rittenhouse’s jury selection was described as ‘pitiful’ by the woman, who called the decision “pitiful”.

Last summer, Rittenhouse shot two people dead and wounded another at a Jacob Blake protest, but was found not guilty in all counts. He was found to have acted in self-defense by the jury, prompting social media reactions that highlighted the contrasting reaction to Tamir Rice, following his death while shot for holding a toy gun in 2014, and noted that his killer, former Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann, was never charged.


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