The Mystical Tale of Rich the Kid’s ‘Enchanted’ Device Holding ‘Every Contact on Earth’

As we dive into the world of the music industry, we often encounter fascinating stories. The tale of Rich the Kid’s magical phone, harboring “Every Contact in the World,” is one such intriguing narrative that has left fans and fellow musicians astounded.

A Glimpse into the Past

Rich the Kid, a prominent figure in the Atlanta rap scene, recently unveiled an astonishing revelation about his ‘enchanted’ phone in an interview with Jordan Rose of Complex. The 31-year-old artist shared his disbelief about the massive contact list in his ‘magical’ device, ranging from Miley Cyrus to Kanye West to Frank Ocean.

“I really don’t know how it happened,” he confessed. “I think I got locked up one time, and then I got my phone back, and I just had everybody’s number.”

Unbelievable Encounters

While the list of contacts was extensive, not all attempts to reach out were successful. Recalling one such instance, the rapper shared his unsuccessful attempt to connect with Frank Ocean via FaceTime. However, he didn’t let the unsuccessful attempts deter him from making the most of this bizarre situation.

“I [also] had Ye’s email, and I FaceTimed him one time randomly,” he reminisced. “Then he’s like, ‘Hello, who the fuck is this?’ And I screenshot it, I posted it, and people were like, ‘Oh yeah, Rich and Ye are cooking something.'”

A Helping Hand in Disguise

The ‘magical’ phone, as Rich refers to it, turned out to be more than just a tool for communication. It played a pivotal role in his career trajectory, especially during a notably challenging phase in his life.

In 2017, after parting ways with Quality Control, Rich the Kid was in a tough spot. He had to navigate a difficult buyout situation and, as he candidly admits, his finances were in a rough state. However, the magical contacts came to his rescue.

“I didn’t have any money, but I had the magical contacts, and I went to every single record label. I had every label, every exec’s [number], everybody,” he revealed. “The only person that really answered was Manny Smith from Interscope, and he told me to pull up like, ‘Yo, come play the music, let me hear.’ And that’s how I got my deal, through the magical contact list.”

The Road Ahead

In the world of music, hiatuses can often lead to speculation and concern among fans. Rich the Kid, who has not released a solo studio album in nearly four years, has assured his fans that his much-anticipated fourth project is on the horizon.

“Very, very soon,” he promised, hinting at the release date for Life’s a Gamble. “In the next two months.”


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