The new “FYM” music video is here from BlueBucksClan

It was announced earlier this year that BlueBucksClan would be reuniting with their first project of 2022, See The Difference. In order to make sure the duo’s chemistry remained front and center, the EP consisted of four brand-new songs. With the release of their recently released single, “Just Hit Me,” along with a video directed by frequent collaborator LewisYouNasty, the group continued to build its fan base.

The two Los Angeles rappers, Jeeezy Obama and DJ, returned with a new album titled “FYM” over the weekend. The song finds the rappers traveling across the country to New York City to shoot up the streets. As BlueBucksClan demonstrates on the song, they’ve got ice-cold flow:

Before this, BlueBucksClan released Clan Virus 2 following a busy year in 2020. It was the duo’s seventh project in two years. Additionally, they have released singles such as Lil Yachty’s “Horace Grant” as well as “Last Minute.” Additionally, they have released Going Up, Clan Way, No Rules 2, and the first Clan Virus.


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