The new video for “Just Coz” features Aitch and Giggs.

The last time we heard from Aitch was when he released Polaris, an EP that featured seven tracks and a couple of collaborations with Tay Keith and AJ Tracey. Throughout the month of October, he has released a slew of top-tier collaborations and loose singles, including “Baby” by Ashanti, “GSD,” “Learning Curve,” “Party Round My Place” featuring Avelino, and “War” by ArrDee, that ultimately ended up on Pier Pressure, the debut mixtape of ArrDee. As a whole, the recent influx of heaters has certainly fueled hopes that Aitch’s debut album might arrive sooner rather than later.

Adding to the proverbial flames, Aitch yesterday released “Just Coz,” a song in which he combines his normally confident, boastful style of delivery with the London legend Giggs over production by LiTek and WhYJay.

With its accompanying video, “Just Coz” comes courtesy of Kelvin Jones and shows the pair performing in Aitch’s hometown. Focusing on rhymes rewind-worthy, the crew performs their bars during the day at a corner and at night in front of a store, keeping the focus firmly on the crew members.


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