The Ton3z prepares for the next level in music

Music gives meaning to life and for The Ton3z, it began when he was just 10 years old. During the year 2022, his plan is to release a collection of high-quality tracks and to continue to improve with each release. The first time he heard jazz drums and trumpets, he was enthralled by the music.  

The Ton3z’s affinity for music lit a flame inside his heart that would never die out. In today’s world, he focuses on delivering Hip-Hop beats and eclectic music that appeals to multiple types of audiences.  

Ton3z combines pain with beats to produce timeless music production. To him, music is a celebration of people, places, and processes. You can enjoy streaming The Ton3z here. His old-school, unique vibe is noticed and appreciated by MUSICHYPEBEAST and RADIOPUSHERS.    


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