The video for “Yippie Khayo” from Nikky Bourbon is sultry and seductive.

Following the success of BRBN’s collaborations with your favorite artists, she now has some heat of her own to offer. She has then changed her name to Nikky Bourbon, and she has released “Yippie Khayo,” an upbeat Latin number that will keep bodies moving throughout summer. Also included in the track is a video directed by WAM, which features Bourbon and her dancers setting off in the desert. Throughout the clip, Bourbon’s Puerto Rican roots serve as a perfect balance between wild west inspirations. It is at the end of the video that a tribute is paid to producer Juan “Xtassy” Abreu, who passed away tragically back in February.

It should be noted that Bourbon has created some memorable music moments with the likes of Kevin Gates, Bodega Bamz, and Shaggy in the past. The artist she worked with for the first time last year was mentioned in an interview she gave about her career behind the scenes:

In the beginning, I worked with Kat Dahlia, who was one of my first signed artists. Despite the fact that we didn’t have any previous music industry connections, I accidentally A&R’d her project for the production company that signed her to Sony. My goal had always been to gain experience in the music industry on the creative side. Once I made that introduction, I was able to really join her team as a writer. I was introduced to what the industry was about.”


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