Nardo Wick is back with a brand-new album ‘Who Is Nardo Wick?’

It has been a delight to see some amazing talent make their way into the industry over the past few years. We can all agree that dedicated work is not unnoticed. Nardo Wick, a young artist from Jacksonville, FL, is one of the few who are applying some serious pressure to his music career at such an early stage. By releasing a smash like “Who Want Smoke?!” With a star-studded remix involving 21 Savage, Lil Durk, Nardo Wick and G Herbo presents himself and lets the world know he is HERE. Even though he is only twenty years of age, Wickman is a man who is up for the task and his work ethic demonstrates this. With the release of Who Is Nardo Wick? Today (July 22), Nardo gives fans a new look at the artist -exclusive album.

Nardo Wick’s follow-up to his highly successful debut album Who Is Nardo Wick? The previous year, Who Is Nardo Wick? Deluxe is equally impactful, if not more so. It was also important that the first release had catchy hooks and memorable bars in addition to top-notch production. As a result, the sophomore effort follows suit in a similar manner. The sequel may even be preferred by some over the original, but no matter what, it is still a win.

Who Is Nardo Wick?? It follows the Rising Star’s performance on the 2018 XXL Freshman Cypher, in which he was joined by Big30, KenTheMan and Big Scarr. The 20-year-old rapper also recently teamed up with Scarr for the track “Yeah Woah,” which he released a video for on Monday (July 18). In addition, Nardo has been preparing to tour with Lil Durk. Durkio announced that the 7220 Deluxe Tour would begin in September.


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