The Westside Boogie steals the spotlight on “Tiny Desk”

NPR Music announced earlier today (Dec. 14) the release of a new episode of the “Tiny Desk Concert” series that features Westside Boogie. Over the course of about 20 minutes, the Compton-based star was able to inspire fans with stunning interpretations of tracks such as “STUCK,” “NONCHALANT,” and “Lolsmh” as well as Band of Brothas as well as Mamii, his frequent collaborator, providing support during the show. The show ended with an intimate performance of “Silent Ride” along with a group of kids dressed as superheroes to conclude the concert.

Westside Boogie recently made a surprise appearance on The Today Show from Los Angeles to promote his newest LP, MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES, a compilation of 12 songs that also includes features from Snoop Dogg, Storm Ford, DRAM, Smino, Soulja Boy, Teezo Touchdown, and more. The LIMITED EDITION of MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES was released early last month, which added six additional tracks, including the well-received unreleased tracks “FLOAT” and “CONTRADICTIONS.” In addition, the release of MORE BLACK SUPERHEROES was accompanied by an extensive North American tour which commenced in September and lasted until the 21st of October.

The following is an excerpt from a previous interview in which Westside Boogie shared his first experience performing on stage:

“Things were so difficult at the time, and I had thought that I was doing well. Prior to being signed, I performed in a few shows in Los Angeles. However, when I really began performing shows, my first event was attended by around twenty people, and my manager said afterwards, ‘You were screaming the whole time.’”

Also reflecting on his time performing with Eminem while on an Australian tour, he noted:

“When I performed with him for the first time, I actually got into trouble because he raps very fast, and I did not realize he wanted me to catch certain words. As a result, I missed every single word in my song. It was then that they said, ‘Marshall would like to see you.’ Marshall turned to me and said, ‘Yeah, you gotta get your stuff together.’ That night, I spent a considerable amount of time practicing his verse. This allowed us to develop a stronger chemistry.”


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