Travis Scott: The Struggle Behind 10 Grammy Nominations And No Wins

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Travis Scott, the acclaimed Utopia rapper, recently opened up about the grueling journey behind his 10 Grammy nominations and the disappointment of not winning any. In a revealing teaser for LeBron James’ The Shop, Travis expressed his feelings about the Grammy Awards and how they are perceived by his contemporaries in the music industry. Despite the rough times, Scott remains hopeful and continues to create music that resonates with his audience.

A Brief Introduction

Born Jacques Bermon Webster II, Travis Scott is a renowned American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Known for his high-energy performances and innovative music videos, Scott has carved a niche for himself in the global music scene. However, his journey to fame and success has not been smooth sailing.

The Grammy Journey: 10 Nominations And Counting

Travis Scott’s relationship with the Grammy Awards is rather complicated. Despite being nominated 10 times, the coveted trophy has eluded him so far. This continual overlook has caused frustration and disappointment, but it has also fueled his determination to keep pushing the boundaries of his craft.

“A lot of my peers, everyone’s like, ‘Ah, fuck that award.’ I fuck with it,” the 32-year-old said. “You play football to win the Super Bowl, you play basketball to win championships.”

The Relevance Of The Grammy Awards

The Utopia rapper touched upon the relevance of the Grammy Awards in the music industry during his conversation on LeBron James’ The Shop. He explained that while many of his contemporaries brush off the importance of the awards, he sees them as a benchmark of success in the music field.

“I don’t make music to win Grammys, but it’s what that Grammy used to mean is what I always hold on to. Like, the idea of music. I love creating music. … That award is just like, at one point, it’s held up to a higher stature.”

The Frustration Of Being Overlooked

Despite his 10 Grammy nominations, Travis Scott has yet to win a single award. This oversight has led to a significant amount of frustration and disappointment for the rapper. He expressed his annoyance about the rap categories remaining untelevised and the awkwardness of performing after losing an award.

The Unfaltering Hope

Despite the setbacks, Travis Scott remains hopeful and continues to pursue his passion for music. He believes in the significance of the Grammy Awards and the recognition they bring to an artist’s work. Regardless of the rough times, he remains committed to his craft and his fans.


Travis Scott’s journey of 10 Grammy nominations and no wins is a testament to his resilience and passion for music. Despite the rough times and disappointments, he continues to create music that resonates with his audience and pushes the boundaries of the music industry. The Utopia rapper’s story serves as an inspiration for upcoming artists to keep striving for their dreams, regardless of the hurdles they face along the way.

Travis Scott: A Musical Phenomenon

Travis Scott’s rise in the music industry is nothing short of phenomenal. His unique style and innovative approach to music have set him apart from his contemporaries. Despite the rough times and setbacks, Scott continues to inspire millions of fans around the world with his music.

The Road Ahead

Despite the rough times, Travis Scott remains optimistic about the future. He continues to create music that breaks boundaries and resonates with his fans. As he navigates his journey in the music industry, one thing is certain — Travis Scott is here to stay.


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