Valid Shares New Invigorating Single “May 6th”

In the highly diverse and legendary landscape of Detroit hip-hop, emerging emcee Valid has carved out a unique space for himself, not only as a an artist, but also as a storyteller of his Balkan heritage. Valid, guided by Grammy Award-winning DJ Head‘s mentoring, continues to stitch his personal story into the larger fabric of the genre with the release of “May 6th“. This new release is more than a track; it’s a powerful homage to Valid’s roots, steeped with the vibrant energy of Detroit’s music and culturally creative scene.

Valid - "May 6th" Cover Art

“May 6th” Cover Art

Following his acclaimed debut album Mihajlo in 2019, and the steady success of the Plum Brandy EP, which garnered an influx of streams from Eastern and Southern Europe, Valid’s artistic rise has been one of constant evolution. His collaboration with Detroit native Stretch Money, forming the dynamic duo Bill & Isiah, marked a pivotal moment in his career. Together, they released an LP that was as much a celebration of their city as it was a showcase of their synergistic talents.

Veer Into the World Of Valid

“May 6th” emerges as the next chapter in Valid’s musical expedition, a track that seamlessly blends homage to tradition with a modern sonic aesthetic. Produced by Montenegrin talents Knowhere2run and Vibin wit DJ Mono, the trendy track puts a contemporary twist on “Djurdjevdan”, a holiday celebrated by various cultural backgrounds and ethnic groups across the Balkans. This holiday, rich in history and tradition, provides the perfect backdrop for Valid’s exploration of his identity and heritage through music.

The track itself is an invigorating blend of historic Balkan music and the contemporary Detroit hip-hop sound. Its organic, energizing soundscape is a testament to Valid’s ability to innovate within the genre while paying respect to his roots. On the mic, he delivers dynamic lines with a charisma that fans will recognize from the Bill & Isiah LP. His confident, present vocal style, combined with his sharp songwriting skills, makes “May 6th” a compelling addition to the catalog of the Motor City standout star.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Valid has also made waves in the local community, most recently appearing in the Detroit Tigers‘ jersey reveal. Alongside significant figures such as Eminem and Stretch Money. Additionally, he had the crowd going crazy as he delivered a performance that captured the essence and energy of Detroit, further solidifying his role not just as an artist, but as a proud native of his city. Take a look below.

Nonetheless, for music lovers and those intrigued by the fusion of cultural traditions with modern hip-hop, “May 6th” offers a unique and captivating listening experience. That is both engaging and meaningful. In the realm of music where authenticity and innovation are cherished, he stands out as an artist genuinely committed to honoring his heritage while pushing the boundaries of his craft. “May 6th” is not just a testament to his skill as an emcee but a vibrant mosaic of his influences. A piece that adds depth and color to the evolving story of hip-hop.

For now, familiarize yourself with this trailblazing talent! Immerse yourself into his realm of rich rhymes paired with pulsating production. Press play on his latest offering “May 6th”. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments here at MusicHypeBeast.




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