With a brand new video for “Pamplemousse,” FKA twigs is back.

5th October 2022 — FKA Twigs released her mixtape CAPRISONGS in January. It features appearances by famous artists such as Pa Salieu, The Weeknd, and many others across its 17 tracks.
Last week, the British superstar opted to release a brand new music video for “Pamplemousse” (which means grapefruit in French) by CAPRISONGS. The El Guincho-produced snippet features upbeat songs about supportive friends and nudge-obsessed admirers. Lyrics are like:
“Me and the girls with our phones out, 8 Simi Haze-looking Girl Scouts, wow, weave smells like La Croix, The Pamplemousse, moon stars in your face, vogue filter face, talk to me, swipe up to dream, tap my heart and make it feel you see me, you know you love it, you know you love, you love to tell ‘em that you don’t, but yeah, you love it, you know you love it, gotta get you some, get that attention, yeah, you love it….”
Aidan Zamiri and Yuma Burgess’s “Pamplemousse” music video features DALL-E-generated visuals and flip book-style effects. The audience will see a surreal rendition of twigs dancing to the song as photos from various locations flicker in the background behind her.
Three years have passed since FKA Twigs dropped MAGDALENE, her sophomore studio album, which featured nine tracks across multiple genres and a solitary guest appearance from Future on the hit “holy territory.”
The album was self-produced, mostly. Despite not being actively involved in its creation, Nicolas Jaar, Koreless, and many others made significant contributions. MAGDALENE was a commercial success for the “Pendulum” talent, peaking at number one on various official charts worldwide and garnering praise from fans and critics alike.


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